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  • CS/1348
    L 43 x P 49 x H 84 x HS 45
  • CS/1348-LHS
    L 44,5 x P 51,5 x H 85 x HS 45,5
  • CS/1495-LHS
    L 46,5 x P 51,5 x H 106 x HS 65,5
  • CS/1496
    L 50,5 x P 49,5 x H 119,5 x HS 80,5
  • CS/1496-LHS
    L 50,5 x P 52 x H 120,5 x HS 81

BASIL W stool in mixed materials: seat in polypropylene with a leaf-shaped design and frame in solid wood.
Using a mix of materials, such as solid beech wood for the frame and four legs and polypropylene for the shell of the seat, has allowed us to achieve a durable, lightweight and ergonomic stool that's design-savvy. Its shape evokes a basil leaf, thanks to the central nervure, which is at the same time the structural and decorative motif of this product.
An excellent furnishing choice for the kitchen, living area and cafeteria. Available in various colours and finishes. Choose it in the combination you prefer!

L 46,5 x P 49 x H 105 x HS 65